Marisa Schlichthorst is an emerging photographer and artist born in Germany and living and working in Australia. In her work she is particularly interested in unpacking the complexities of human identity surrounding culture and society through time and place. Perception of self, and the negotiation of social norms and values have informed her conceptual thinking.  Her imagery aims to provoke thought, play with layered complexities, and the workings of the mind in a fast changing contemporary world. Her images are often layered and interpretation is left to the viewer’s contemplation and self-reflection surrounding social norms and conventions.

Marisa is currently studying at the Photography Studies College in Melbourne, Australia, in her third year of the Advanced Diploma of Photography. She was featured as one of four student photographers of the year in Capture Magazine The Annual 2016 and she was awarded a Silver Award in the AIPP State Awards (Victoria) in March 2017.

Artist Statement

Her images are often complex, and layered with meaning. Informed by her research background and practice in social sciences and mental health, Marisa Schlichthorst unpacks complex issues of human identity, culture and gender through time and across space.  Common themes of her work are self-identity, the longing for belonging in a continuously and fast changing environment. Her work is inspired by the continuously increasing sense of disconnection in a globally connected world, which drives questions on self-perception, meaning of culture and place.

She works with the medium of digital and analogue photography.  Across her projects her work remains raw and unfiltered. She aims at an emotional response of the viewer, invites questioning of reality and common ways of seeing through creating surprise, confusion and wondering. Strong visual elements of form, shape and colour hold the viewers attention. Despite the direct visual elements her images still remain open to interpretation with a sense of deeper meaning,which will depend on the social and political context they are viewed in.

What excites her about photography is the opportunity to grab the viewer’s attention through familiar visual language, yet stir confusion by unfamiliar context, depth and provocation. Her images are not straight forward or linear, leading the viewer on an engaging and exciting journey of discovery, exploration and reflection.

Artist CV


2015  to date   Photography Studies College Melbourne

2013 to 2014    The Photography Institute

Exhibitions & Festivals

2017  Small Works Art Prize, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, 8 Dec. 2017 - 3 Jan. 2018

2017   CCP Salon Exhibition, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, 23 Nov. - 16 Dec. 2017

2017   Projection feature at opening of IRIS Awards Exhibition 31 Aug. 2017

2017   Nasty Women Everywhere Online Publication; Series title: “Woman – the cultivated beast”; 16 Jan. - 26 Feb. 2017

2016   CCP Salon Exhibition, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne

2015   CCP Salon Exhibition, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne


2017   Semi-finalist in IRIS Award, Perth Centre for Photography

2017   Silver Award at the Victorian AIPP State Awards, Illustrative photography

2016   Lens Culture Exposure Awards 2017; Editors pick online Competition Gallery

2016   Capture Magazine The Annual 2016 – Best student work

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